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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Another new game

Well we have been going at it this week with yet another game uploaded to www.chatebot.com . This one is the same basic game as Beach babe blackjack, but with a difference. The name of it is Strip Jackie Black, your dolly bird dealer, so I can guess you already know the difference. Yes it's an adult strip tease game. Nothing too raunchy, just a strip down to bikini bottoms, but there's no wayhttp://www.handango.com/, and http://www.clickgamer.com/ will have it on their sites being classed as adult content.

New games

I've created two new games which are on sale at www.clickgamer.com and www.handango.com,
as well as

The first is 3 little words.
A great teaser game. This word grid challenge is very addictive. You will only get a clue as to what the three words are within the grid. This makes finding the words much harder.
However, if you are stuck, the answer is but a click away. Then, I am sure, the words will spring out from the grid for you to find.
The application allows you to input the three words to see if you are right or wrong. Alternatively, you can just find the words and mentally locate them, so long as you don't cheat!

The second new game is Beach Babe Blackjack

Why just play Blackjack, when you can play against a beautiful babe at the beach? She acts as your dealer and you can while away the hours in the sun as you gamble with the hotel's chips while you relax on the beach.

The idea of this game is that you want a hand value that is closer to 21 than that of the Beach Babe, without being over 21. You can place bets at the start of each hand.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Loads of new developments

At www.chatebot.com there have been loads of new developments since my last post. I have been very lax in posting over the last few months, and I intend to rectify this.

I now have over 20 games listed on the site, and sales have been steady over the summer. Penalty and Betahorse seem to be the best sales items.

One of the ideas I have had to increase sales is to create better sales pages for each item. Therefore I have done a real creative jobby on the last two games I have produced.
Shoot the Fokkers and Strip Jackie Black.

I intend to try google ads to sell shoot the Fokkers, and see if this helps sales. We will see.

Sales are much better via handango.com than through my own site. Dunno why. Could it be that Handango are a known entity and users are wary of unknown distributers???

I have a deal with a distributer in the far east and am hoping for good things there soon.

Flash Lite goes mass market with Actimagine

"I got word yesterday that Adobe purchased mobile technology from Actimagine, a French company specializing in vector graphics. At first, I took the announcement to be relatively small, but as I started digging into what Actimagine provides, I realized this could have a wider impact.
Flash Lite has always been an intriguing way for content developers, especially those who have already invested in Flash, to bring their creations to the mobile world. But so far, Flash Lite adoption has been hindered by phone requirements. It takes a beefy phone to run Flash Lite. With this agreement, Adobe now has technology that will allow Flash Lite to run on a much wider range of phones meaning that Flash developers will soon have an even bigger, and I would say more lucrative, market to deliver content.

This comes on the heels of the Laszlo announcement that they are teaming up with Sun to bring OpenLaszlo to the Java ME platform. Obviously the mobile world is experiencing a lot of growth, but I think this new focus on delivering applications and content to a broader range of devices is good. People with high end phones tend to be a bit more tech savvy, and are perhaps willing to put up with more to have the cutting edge. The phones they buy come with solutions to do what they need, and the idea of buying extra Flash Lite content, or running other types of applications just hasn't taken off.

But a more open audience, the consumers who buy ring tones and wallpapers, tend not to have the next generation phones. By bringing Flash Lite to these people, you're making that content available to people who will pay for it. In addition, for emerging markets where high end phones are out of reach for most people, Flash Lite content can now be a reality." More>>

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Agreements With Adobe for Flash Technology

"Adobe Systems and LG Electronics announced the signing of licensing agreements for Macromedia Flash technology. The agreements cover Flash Lite and Flash Player SDK (Software Development Kit), helping ensure that LG Electronics can deliver Flash technology-enabled user interfaces, content and applications across a wide range of mobile devices and consumer electronics products. "

"LG Electronics is a world-class consumer electronics company that is creating some outstanding products, for the home and our connected mobile world," said Al Ramadan, senior vice president of Mobile and Device Solutions at Adobe. "Flash technology can help LG Electronics to further differentiate its products, in a market where engaging user interfaces and compelling content are just as important to consumers as the industrial design of the products themselves."

"Our relationship with Adobe extends our ability to deliver products that, more than ever, stand out from the crowd," said Skott Ahn, executive vice-president at LG Electronics. "In highly competitive markets such as mobile, it's important that our products get to market as quickly as possible and have interfaces and content relevant to specific audiences - be it a teenager in Seoul or a business professional in London."

LG Electronics will be using Flash to generate interactive graphic user interfaces and Flash applications on a range of digital devices, including MP3 players and mobile handsets. With the introduction of Flash technology, LG Electronics expects to cut development costs, differentiate its products and quickly build applications to meet diverse consumer demands across geographies and demographic segments. The first LG Electronics mobile handsets that integrate Flash technology are expected to ship in April.

Flash technology enables OEMs, consumer electronics device manufacturers and operators to provide rich, customizable user interfaces, while delivering more consistent consumer experiences across devices, operating systems, processors and screen sizes. By leveraging the Flash ecosystem — which includes the Flash authoring tool, Flash Lite player runtime and an established community of more than one million designers and developers — Flash Lite can reduce deployment costs and deliver content and interfaces three to five times faster than competing solutions. . . " Full story

Nokia 3250 starts shipping, Nokia N91 will ship in April

Published by Rafe Blandford at 11:24 GMT, March 17th

"The first Symbian OS 9.1 and first S60 3rd Edition phone have started shipping in the form of the Nokia 3250. The 3250 is Nokia's mid-teir music smartphone and costs 350 Euros. The Nokia N91 will start shipping in Europe in the first week of April, and follow in the Middle East and Asia in the second week of April. Shipping dates for the US market are not yet available. The Nokia N91 is Nokia's high end music phone and will cost 700 Euros
As ever the quoted prices from Nokia re before taxes and subsidies. This means bought SIM free the phones will cost the stated amount + tax, but if subsidised by an operator they will most likely be available for less. For example the Nokia N70 pricing was around 500 Euros at launch. It is now routinely available in the UK for free when bought with a contract." Full report

IGA Takes Exit

"IGA Takes Exit In-game ads coming to mobile phones
IGA Worldwide and Exit Games announced today "the world's first mobile in-game advertising solution." Exit Games' multi-player solution for mobile phones Neutron will become part of IGA Worldwide's ad-serving platform the Radial Network. With Neutron, in-game advertisements can be updated in Java, BREW or Adobe Flash Lite programs." Full report

Friday, March 17, 2006

Free online Flash games

We have built a site called www.freegames.media-fix.co.uk that has many free to play Flash games. We are using this as a way to promote our www.mobile.chatebot.com site and the mobile games we are selling there.

So far we are getting more visitors due to this free games online site. If you fancy a good quality game with no login or registration required, go check out www.freegames.media-fix.co.uk

Monday, March 06, 2006

Nokia 6125 Cell Phone

"Nokia unveiled its latest offering in the mid-range line-up, with the introduction of Nokia 6125, a fold-up phone. The phone comes in a sleek, compact form factor bringing with it Bluetooth, a 1.3 megapixel cam and, most importantly, an integrated digital music player.
One of the cool things about the Nokia 6125 is the built-in Flash player. With Flash Lite from Macromedia Adobe becoming more and more popular, Flash is definitely going to be one of the hottest properties in the mobile world." Full report

Friday, February 03, 2006

N91 and E70 FCC approved, N91 supports UPnP

"The Nokia N91, the music focused phone with a hard disk, and the E70, the enterprise focused phone with a gulwing form factor, have been approved by the FCC. The documents available include internal pictures (where the N91's hard disk is visible) and the user manuals.

The N91 user manual reveals the N91 will innclude UPnP support and includes details on the Music Shop application which will allow users to download music over the air to their phones and the PC Music Sync (which uses Windows Media Player 11). Read on for more.

Highlights revealed from the manual about the music functionality of the phone include:
Music Shop allowing purchase and download over the air from a client application.
PC Sync of music files via Windows Media Player 11 (via USB Cable), including Janus DRM protected WMA files.

View as a external hard disk and transfer files (via USB, Bluetooth or WiFi/WLAN).
Creation and editing of equaliser presets.
Creation and editing of playlists via the Music application on the phone.
Edit details of music file (ID3 tags editing) via the Music application on the phone.
Support for Album Art (including choosing your own image from the Phone's Gallery application).

Set as song as the ringtone of the phone.
The Music Shop application is a generic 'service type' application and has settings that can be specified by the user (although these can be locked by an operator). This service/settings based architecture is similar to that used in SMS / MMS services. In most instances the user will use the default settings provided by an operator. However the Music Shop application is service agnostic, meaning it can be connected to any service which supports it. The music shop allows you to search for and download music to your N91 directly from the phone.
Other new functionality of note includes:

UPnP support which allows for the sharing of files (the extent of this functionality is not clear as it looks like a later addition to the manual [see indexes]). Universl Plug and Play will almost certainly facillitate the sharing of playlists and music talked about by Nokia at the phones launch. It should also allow you to play music from your N91 to your home WiFi provided it is
UPnP compatiable (or has a UPnP adaptor).

Flash Player allow playing of Flash Lite files which may include simple animation or videos or full fledged mobile applications " full article

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Our first game for the iRiver U10

We have just developed Winter as our first iRiver U10 game. It is online at www.mobile.chatebot.com and our sister site www.flashlite4mobile.com . It is priced at $7, or £4 as the mobile version.

As there is no text input capabilities in the U10, we have used the talk to screen version of the mobile application as the model.

We are hoping over the coming weeks to re-develop all of our applications for the iRiver U10 as we feel this device is needs good quality Flash Lite games, for they are virtually non existent barring the six that come pre-installed.